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Bespoke Electronics, Custom Instrumentation and Retrofits

JK Controls have the skills to produce bespoke instrumentation and interface equipment to suit custom requirements, upgrade and retrofit existing or obsolete electronic equipment and design and produce prototypes.

We can design the electronic circuitry to a customer specification.  Having proven the design we can carry out production and enclosure design to prototype stage.  The resulting product can then be produced in low volumes by our own personnel, then delivered as a fully working tested electronic device.

We will also manufacture to a customers existing designs.  This can be particularly useful for low volume high value equipment, prototype equipment and replication of obsolete apparatus.  We will procure all materials.  We can build to a prescribed component list or specify and supply the parts ourselves.

Rising costs and increasing legislation in industry means upgrading or replacing older control and instrumentation systems may be required.  If this is not financially viable then JK Controls is able to offer a range of solutions, from full replacement, to component level sub-assemblies.  If budget constraints are an issue we can provide partial upgrade, even replication of critical obsolete apparatus.

Customer requirements for these types of service are extremely varied and your application will be different to any that have gone before.  Therefore if you have a need for special instrumentation, measuring or interface devices please contact us, we always like to tackle something different.

Past projects undertaken by JK Controls vary from high accuracy displacement measurement using moiré fringe techniques, through camera controls for in-reactor inspection.  Serial line eavesdrop interfaces in power stations to railway signalling current detectors in rail lines and microprocessor based servo motor controls.  We have upgraded alarm systems  using plug-in replacement circuit boards (leaving the original infrastructure intact) and replaced obsolete mechanical instruments, such as chart recorders and Vector Meters, with modern electronic equivalents .  For examples of some devices please click on the Case Studies link on the menu bar at the top of this page.


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