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H.P. Steam Pipeline Control And Protection - Case Study

JK Controls Ltd has the in house capabilities to analyze, design and manufacture control and protection systems.

Our client constructed a 2 km long 300 mm diameter high pressure steam pipeline to supply energy to a chemical manufacturing plant. The source steam, superheated to 540 C has to be de-superheated to about 350 C for transport in the carbon steel pipes (yield temperature approx. 450 C).  Under possible failure of the de-superheater the source steam would reach the carbon steel pipe and cause a catastrophic rupture. High integrity protection is required to quickly isolate the line if such an event should occur.

JK Controls staff designed and built high integrity multi-channel relay protection systems to cover this and other potential fault events. Interlocked test circuits were incorporated to enable regular validation of the trip circuits. This included invoking the first 10% of travel of the final trip valves to check if the valves are still live. We also provided the on site expertise to install and assist with the test and commissioning activities.

A pipeline trip would cause severe disruption to the power utility boilers that provide the source steam. JK Controls staff designed a sequence and modulating control scheme to divert the pre-existing steam flow rate to a dump area whilst the boiler conditions are being stabilized.

Other relay based sequencing schemes were designed and built by JK Controls. In this instance the relay logic was computer modeled to test the design prior to committing it to hard wire assembly, to avoid the possibility of costly corrective work.

JK Controls staff analyzed the de-superheater thermodynamics to optimize the control valve characteristics to obtain control over a wide range of operating conditions. Similarly the main pipeline split range pressure control valve characteristics were carefully defined to cope with the very wide range of flow conditions demanded.    

Boiler Control System

JK Controls are providing boiler control expertise to a large power boiler manufacturer for design and implementation of burner management and other control and instrumentation functions.


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